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London Cable Car

On 28 June 2012 the Emirates Air Line, also known as the Thames Cables Car was opened in London. This cable car system was announced in July 2010 and became reality now. The cable car crosses the Thames River from the Greenwich Peninsula over to the Royal Docks.

This 1 kilometre cable car line is situated to carry up to 2500 passengers an hour from the South Bank of the Thames River to the North Bank of the Thames River and vice versa. This £60million system was sponsored by different operations, but the main company giving an astounding £36million was Emirates. This gave them name rights for 10 years and therefor the name of the cable car system is Emirates Air Line.

There are 34 cabins that will rise up to 90 metres in the air above the River Thames.  At £3.20 a trip this is most certainly the cheapest way from the O2 to the Royal Docks and in only 5 minutes. If you are planning to use this way of transport quite often you can buy the 10 trips for £16 which will save you a lot of money. You will be able to pay with your Oyster card for the ride if you want to.

Opening hours will be 7am on week days on Saturdays it will only open at 8am and Sundays only at 9am. Closing time will be 9pm on all days of the week and weekend.

Each cable car cabin can hold up to 10 people at a time, standing is not allowed. Just like the London eye the passengers will bored the cable car while it is moving since it doesn’t stop. Each cabin can take two wheelchairs or two bicycles, which both are allowed on the cable car. The journey is smooth and there is nothing you need to worry about.

The cable car is perfect to get to the O2 for people living on the North Bank of London for a night out or if there is a concert in the Arena. The cable car is not just a way of transport but can be seen as a sightseeing attraction as well. You will be able to take marvellous pictures from up above in the cable car for it is to be a very beautiful sight down. On non-peak times the journey will take 10minutes so that people can enjoy the view from above.

The Emirates Air Line is sure to be a promising journey and a well needed addition to the transportation of London. Hopefully this will only be the beginning of a whole lot more of these cable car systems in London, but for now let’s make use of this cable car and hope it makes traveling for all of us so much easier.

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